Sunday, June 5, 2011

Math Work Stations Blog Party Chapters 1 and 2

  1. Materials used by the teacher first, then placed in the station: Most of the time J (I work with a group and my assistant works with a group and I am guilty of putting new materials there.)
  2. Materials do not change weekly, but rather changed to reflect the students learning objectives:  Whoops…I repeat some of the same activities but I do change most of my stations each week.
  3. All students go to stations daily:  Yes.
  4. Materials are differentiated: Sometimes.
  5. The teacher observes work or meets with differentiated math groups: Yes.

1.      How do you (or will you) differentiate your math stations? {I added this from the bookmark...sorry}
Varying the number range.  With story problems, for example, I may include problems for one group that do not require regrouping, another group may have two-digit numbers that do require regrouping, and another group may have three-digit numbers that require regrouping.
2.  How and where do you keep your math stations? I post a rotation chart at the front of the room and have five plastic tubs under the chart.  Students take their tub to a spot in the room (three groups meet at different tables, one group at the carpet, and one group works at the computers).  
3.  How do you keep your math materials organized.? This is where I want to work right now! I have tubs filled with manipulatives that work well for students to grab.  But the games are in several different places.  I am hoping to get everything organized into totes according to topics. 

Here is a Combinations of 20 activity for your kids that need a challenge. Students match up the dogs and bowls (number sentences).
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

I will try to figure out how to post all the pages into one document!

You have to download the files to see the number sentences on the bowls.  


  1. I could not find any number sentences - all of the dog bowls have the number 2 on the right hand side - did I miss something?

  2. Yes, you have to download the files and then you should see it.